10 Steps to Choosing the Best Physical Therapy Clinic

Frederick Sport and Spine Clinics


  1. Experience – For almost 20 years, Frederick Sport and Spine has been considered the top Physical Therapist in Frederick
  2. Convenient and Multiple locations– Frederick Sport and Spine has offices and staff in three locations; Frederick, Middletown and Urbana.
  3. Specialized Equipment to Speed Your Recovery
    • SwimEx Aquatic Pool – the only one in Frederick
    • AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill
    • SwingMax -Customized Swing training for Golfers
    • Turf Sport Center- at Urbana Location for Sports Physical Therapy rehabilitation in an environment that lets you practice while receiving expert physical therapy guidance.
  4. Works with and Communicates with your Doctor With two decades in the region, we have created excellent relationships and a reputation for rapid recovery.  Working with your referring doctor and understanding your history is a critical part of our intake and evaluation.
  5. Teaches you how to be your own Physical Therapist Education is a huge part of not only your recovery or rehabilitation program.  We combine in-office physical therapy with at-home exercises and routines to speed your return to your sport or normal activities.
  6. Friendly and Efficient front office staff that can help with appointments and insurance claims. Will the front office help you with making appointments convenient to you?  Will they help with your insurance and claims submissions?  Our team will greet you with a smile and support you in working hard to achieve your therapy goals.
  7. Look for legitimate 3rd Party Reviews– Frederick Sport and Spine is the highest rated Physical Therapy Practice in the Frederick Region as evidence by reviews posted by patients on Google, Facebook. Check out what your neighbors say about our Physical Therapy Practice.
  8. Website Contains information about facilities.  You want to know that you will be treated in a clean environment with clean equipment, good parking, disability access, directions or maps to your preferred location.  You want an environment that supports your recovery!
  9. Educational information is Accessible, Can you learn about your specific injury or physical condition? Can you access the same exercise instructions given to you by the therapist for your use at home? Do the therapist evaluate new techniques and publish white papers and clinical evaluations? You will find all of these at FrederickSportandSpine.com
  10. Experts at Every Step Working Together for your benefit Using a team approach is very important.  You should have a combination of Ph.D. Therapists, Certified Physical Therapists (CPT) and Physical Therapy Technicians all working, as a team to support your efforts.  Additionally, the front office staff is trained to work with the clinical team so that you feel taken care of from signing in for your appointment to booking your next.  Just like sports, we are a team committed to winning for you!


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