What Our Frederick Clients Are Saying



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Knowledgeable staff, not intimidated by patients who ask lots of questions, personal attention by therapists (as compared to interns or temps at other offices). Lots of variety in treatment program – with and without special props.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff, technicians, and therapists. Always answered my questions thoroughly. Adjusted the plan according to my progress. Great place and people! – This was the third visit over the last few years, experience was so positive the first two times, I drove from Virginia most nights because I prefer your clinic to anything I might find in VA.


Professional and caring environment. Extremely knowledgeable. Wonderful and hopeful experience. I came to Frederick Sport and Spine feeling down trodden, but Mark helped me so much. He helped me go forward and pick up the pieces by sharing his professional wisdom and encouragement. I will forever be grateful to Mark and his staff.



Judith S.

The enthusiasm of the staff, and the support they provided made me want to keep coming back and work hard. They all had a positive attitude. Physical therapy is fun and I am glad to have the resource available to me.



J. Jagger

The therapist’s judgment in when to challenge me or not was crucial to my success.



J. McIntee

This was the best place I ever went to. The staff was wonderful… Everyone smiled, helped each other and it made you feel good just to be there with everyone with a positive attitude.




I drive the distance for the excellent treatments received as well as return to the clinic for the wonderful personalities of the staff and expertise of the therapists. My expectations are high and your clinic surpasses that mark.



T. Krogman

Extremely knowledgeable and professional staff who listened and responded to concerns and feedback, and acted on it. The staff worked together like the proverbial “well oiled machine”! They also treated me as a person as opposed to a “patient” or a “client” – I have been to Frederick Sport and Spine a number of times over the years for a number of issues and each time I am more impressed with the quality and care of service. I was delighted to see you have added water therapy and BP Vertigo therapy.
Debbie C.

I really enjoyed each and every person I worked with. Everyone was so nice and helpful. I actually miss going!



Cassandra C.

Superior concern for each person. Exceptional knowledge of diagnosis and treatment.
Ellen D.

When Brian tore his ACL there was no question to where he would have his rehab. When Brian’s dreams were crushed, you gave us hope and determination; this gave Brian the will to work hard. Through your intensive program, he achieved his goal to go to a 1AA college and play football. I don’t believe this would have happened without you.

This was the best place I ever went to. The staff was wonderful… Everyone smiled, helped each other and it made you feel good just to be there with everyone with a positive attitude.

I want to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you at Frederick Sport and Spine for doing what others could not do when it came to the rehabilitation of my knee after replacement. I had become very frustrated at the lack of progress being made as well as the manner in which I was treated personally. The personal interest and the time to work through difficulties gave me the confidence to keep on pushing to achieve more and more. Every one took the time to help me understand what needed to be done and the patience to help me get there. Today I am in the position to do whatever I need to do on a daily basis. I think the process was difficult for me because the first knee replacement went exceedingly well; the second one was hard to deal with. Dr. Grandia was very pleased when she saw the progress that had been made and that would not have been possible without your guidance. I have, and will continue, to highly recommend you for therapy to anyone in need of your services. Thank you ever so much for all that you have done.

You have one of the best customer service oriented organizations I have ever experienced. Everyone was friendly and helpful.
D. Lawton

The aquatic program is wonderful and the personalized attention is top notch.

Your clinic is a model for what all clinics should be like. This was the best I have ever been treated in anything related to my health.



J. Murray