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The SwingMAX program teaches golfers to utilize their bodies as the most valuable asset in the golf swing.

Traditional golf instruction focuses on such things as grip adjustment, club selection, speed, and tempo to improve a golfer’s game, but it doesn’t maximize the golfer’s potential. In order to bring golfers to their highest level, the muscles specifically involved in swinging the club must be conditioned, made stronger and more flexible.

The SwingMAX program is customized to the individual golfer, regardless of skill level, and targets areas of weakness and inflexibility in swing mechanics. With golf specific postural exercises, manual techniques, and focused stretching and strengthening exercises. This therapy enhances performance and helps minimize injury to help people enjoy golf to the fullest potential.



Maximize Results with SwingMAX

By maximizing golfers’ strength and flexibility specific to swing mechanics, the SwingMAX program effectively reduces excessive stress and strain on the joints and enables golfers to hit the ball more accurately. Improved accuracy leads to increased consistency and lower scores. Reducing damage to the body will increase the golfer’s longevity in the sport. These direct results of the SwingMAX program helps golfers to achieve their personal goals and to enjoy the game to its fullest.

SwingMAX Staff

The SwingMAX staff is made up of an experienced team of physical therapists. Their unique training and knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics enables them to effectively analyze the body and its demands on the golf swing. Following an initial assessment, a specialized training program is created for each golfer. Instruction and training occurs in our state-of-the-art clinic and on the driving range.

During your sessions, you will be introduced to strengthening exercise equipment, like the all Turf Golf Gym, to release, rebuild and re-educate your areas of concern.  Your Physical Therapist may incorporate exercises on a Swiss Ball into your treatments to help stretch or stabilize your problem areas.